Gulnaz Galimullina
photo project
unity of ideas and values

photo project
I was born in the Republic of Bashkortostan, located on the slope of the Ural Mountains, on the border of Europe and Asia. Bashkirs are a small indigenous people who for centuries had led a nomadic way of life in the Urals, with rich folklore, dances, songs and traditional cuisine. It was my grandmother who raised me cultivating love for Bashkir culture and history, sewed me a Bashkir national dress. I was always fascinated by the profound meaning of the proverbs that Grandma used in her speech. Sometimes I wish I had written them down. Later in school, I noticed the similarity of Bashkir proverbs to English equivalents. Similar images and symbols met in two completely different peoples with different history, culture. It reminded me a symbol of unity, the unity of the peoples of the world. This inspired me to create a photo project based on proverbs and to dedicate it to the World Folkloriada, which was to take place for the first time in Russia in 2020.

In the photo project I analyze those Bashkir, English, Russian proverbs that have similar symbolism. Folkloriada was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, but the project did not stop there. Two calendars have been released and are being planned to create.