Gulnaz Galimullina
photo project
Алтын-көмөш яуған ерҙән, тыуған-үҫкән ил яҡшы
Родная сторона – колыбель, чужая – дырявое корыто
East or west home is best

photo project
Similar images and symbols meet in completely different peoples with different history and culture. It's a symbol of unity, the unity of the peoples of the world. This inspired me to create a photo project based on proverbs and to coincide with the World Folkloriada, which was to take place for the first time
in Russia in 2020.
In the photo project I analyze Bashkir, English, Russian proverbs with similar symbolism. Folkloriada moved to 2021 due to the pandemic, but it gave birth to a big project.
The first photo series was created together with Gulnaz Isyangulova, an artist, and Ilmira Mutalova, a model. It is based on the scientific work called "The Bashkir-Russian-English dictionary of proverbs and sayings" (G.M.Nuryakhmetov, D.I.Hizbullina)

Now that I live in Moscow, I do not use Bashkir proverbs, of course, but I wanted to find new use for them. That is why I created this calendar: both part of the motherland and childhood, it is an aspiration to tell the story of Bashkirs and Bashkir culture and to show the unity of the peoples of the world. Each photo corresponds to a proverb in three languages (Bashkir, Russian, English), and that shows how universal these ideas are. The heroine in the frame is wearing an originalnational Bashkir costume: its elements were passed on from the grandmothers of all members of our crew.
Ағас күрке — япраҡ, әҙәм күрке — сепрәк

Одежда красит человека

Clothes make the man
Күңеле һуҡырҙың — күҙе һуҡыр

На глазах окошки, да не видит ни крошки

None is so blind as those who won't see
Ҡырын эш ҡырҡ йылдан һуң да беленә

Шила в мешке не утаишь

Truth will out
Тел йәрәхәте уҡ йәрәхәтенән яман

Слово пуще стрелы разит

Many words hurt more than swords
Дуҫтың дуҫ икәне бәлә килгәндә беленә

Друзья познаются в беде

A friend in need is a friend indeed
Алданма ҡыҙыл алмаға

Не суди об арбузе по корке,
а о человеке по платью

You cannot judge a tree by its bark
Бәндә һағышлай, хоҙай бағышлай

Человек предполагает, бог располагает

Man proposes, God disposes
Һылыу һылыу күренмәҫ,
һөйгән һылыу куренер

Красота в глазах смотрящего

Beauty lies in lover's eyes
Бауҙың — оҙоно,
һүҙҙең — ҡыҫҡаһы яҡшы

Язык мой — враг мой

Bitten by my own snake
Бөркөткә ымһынып,
турғайҙан мәхрүм ҡалма

Лучше синица в руке, чем журавль в небе

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Ҡайғы менән шатлыҡ бергә йөрөй

Где радость, там и горе

Misfortunes tell us what fortune is
Көл булмай, гөл булмаҫһың

Не вкусив горечи, не узнаешь сладости

Who has never tasted bitter, not knows what is sweet
My main goal was to try and create something useful that anyone could hang on the wall and leaf through every month. The calendar starts with March, when the traditional holiday of Navruz is celebrated—the day of the vernal equinox, which marks the beginning of the new year.
We dedicated the calendar to the Year of the Bashkir language in the Republic and the World Folkloriada, which was to be held in Russia, on the Bashkir land, but was postponed to the next, 2021.