Gulnaz Galimullina
His name was not mentioned in the credits, his films were kept under serial numbers rather than titles, his work had been classified for 40 years. Mahmud Rafikov, a cameraman, was the one who filmed at the epicenter of the first nuclear explosions. He survived a radiation leak on a submarine. He was the only cameraman who filmed Yuri Gagarin's landing. The skill of Mahmud Rafikov was appreciated by Sergey Korolev and Igor Kurchatov. And at the age of 91, this unique witness of the era remembers everything to the smallest detail.

The film "Numbered" "grew" from a documentary "Spring Makh». Makh was what Korolev would call Rafikov. The first film won the second prize at the All-Russian competition "Hero of Our Time", and the gold medal at the 1st All-Russian Space Film Competition. Subsequently, the story was filmed with the support of Channel One and screened on the same channel.