Gulnaz Galimullina
In August 1942, 270 people of Jewish nationality went on their existential journey. They walked exclusively by nights making their way through the territory occupied by the Nazis. In two months they covered 1,500 kilometers. 218 of them reached their cherished goal. They were led by one man: partisan Nikolai Kiselev, a native of Bashkortostan. The survivors of this campaign settled mainly in Israel and in America. Their descendants, which number about 2,000 people, are scattered around the world. We managed to talk with several participants of the campaign and made a film called "Never Again". The footage was made in Israel, the USA, as well as in the Russian cities of Moscow and Orenburg.

«Never again» was screened at festivals and awarded several nominations:

  • KinoDUEL International Film Festival, Best Documentary (2021, Russia, Moscow)
  • International Orthodox Sretensky Film Festival "Meeting" (2021, Russia, Obninsk)
  • International Military Film Festival named after Yu.N. Ozerov (2021, Russia, Tula)
  • National TV Films Competition "Native Paths", Best Documentary (2021, Russia, Moscow)
  • International Film Festival of Documentary Melodrama "Saratov suffering" (2021, Russia, Saratov)
  • International Film Festival "Northern Character" (2021, Russia, Murmansk)
  • International Festival of Films and TV Programs "Radonezh", Diploma "Special Mention of the Jury" (2020, Russia, Moscow) *
  • International Christian Film Festival "Nevsky Blagovest" (2020, Russia, St. Petersburg)