Gulnaz Galimullina
The purpose of the photoproject "Monisto" is an attempt to compare and somehow to confront two historical phenomena. On the one hand, the demolition of the historical buildings and the restoration of ancient costumes prove the theory of "the spiral evolution": it is in the human nature to destroy and recreate something. All the heroines of the photo session demonstrate reconstructed or stylized national costumes of the Bashkir nation. The photographing took place in Ufa near the historical buildings threatened to demolition.
Fatima is wearing an original breast adornment and a monisto, printed on a 3D-printer.
Aisilu is wearing a rare jewelry called "boutimar" and a vintage dress, inherited from her grandmother.
Shaura is wearing a complete set of vintage clothing. Reconstruction.
Jamila is wearing a stylized Bashkir national costume.
Ilmira is wearing a vintage breast adornment and "kashmau"- the head jewelry. Reconstruction.
Nerkes and Gulnazira. The stylization.
Tansulpan is wearing her handmade self restored kashmau.
Zulmara is wearing an old breastplate, restored by her grandmother in the middle of the 20th century.
Dilbar is wearing a kashmau with unique rounded coins and a breast adornment.
Alfia. The stylization.