Gulnaz Galimullina
16-year-old Gulnaz is struggling with leukemia. The cancer returned after remission and she is undergoing chemotherapy again. The documentary was filmed over the course of a year in a hospital and Gulnaz's home village. The girl had a chance to watch the movie in the hospital along with the rest of the patients. After the broadcast, Gulnaz admitted that it was very difficult for her to take part in the filming, but the film inspired her to continue the fight and believe in herself.

Gulnaz did not make it. We organized an exhibition of her tracery, which she embroidered in the hospital, and arranged a screening of the film with her participation. Spectators gathered from all over the country. The screening room was full of people and tears.

The film "A drop of life" was a TEFI-Region-2012 nominee. It won the All-Russian competition of regional media "Panacea" in the nomination of "People in need". It was also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for "Contribution to the coverage of medical issues".

  • A Nominee of "TEFI-Region" (2012)
  • A Winner in the All-Russian competition "Panacea" in the nominations "The White coat" and "People in distress" (2012)